Omochao Explains It All

Let me tell you about the wonderful space colony ARK.

Space colony ARK is in space~! If you look towards the sun, you will go blind. You can find the ARK near the moon! 

The ARK was a peaceful government research facility that housed many researchers including Professor Gerald Robotnik! The researchers were in charge of creating new technology and whatnot that would help humanity and make the world a better place. A few creations that came from this facility include the following: artificial chaos, Biolizard, and the Eclipse Cannon! All of these creations would bring world peace~! Did you know when the Eclipse Cannon is fired, a laser shoots from the Professor’s nose? 

Sadly, the space colony was shut down due to the G.U.N. soldiers being jealous of Professor Gerald’s amazing mustache. You can still see the ARK floating around in space today…and you can also see pieces of the moon too.