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Let me tell you about the Babylon Rogues!!

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, in a timeline far removed from our own, in—*shot* ^^; Right. Anyway, the Babylon Rogues are a bunch of birds and as we all should know, birds are aliens that can grant wishes! These birds are obsessed with technology and stealing stuff! Once upon a time, the Babylonians had a floating island. The echidnas had a floating island as well and there wasn’t enough room in the sky for two floating islands! As you know, Chaos destroyed all the echidnas and the Babylonians were hit by a confuse ray. They killed themselves and buried the Babylon Garden in confusion. And in that order. Did you know that these alien birds invented shooting stars?

Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatross are the only members of the Babylon Rogues! Jet is the leader of the gang and likes to gives orders because he is lazy. Jet has the most soothing voice ever! Jet enjoys losing his temper and throwing tantrums! He can usually be seen cheating having a good honest race against Sonic and searching for treasure! 

Storm is the Knuckles of the group! He worships Jet on a daily basis and tries to stay on Jet’s good side. Even though Jet doesn’t acknowledge him as a friend, Storm still sleeps with a Jet plushie at night. One day he’ll win Jet’s affection.

Wave is the brains of the group! She likes to give long explanations about things and Jet usually falls asleep. Wave and Storm do not like each other. Wave thinks Storm sucks as using Extreme Gear and Storm wishes she would get lost. He thinks of her as the third wheel. Anyway, Wave enjoys making Tails feel bad about himself. Whenever Wave insults him, Sonic and Knuckles stand there and say nothing. :D They are the greatest friends ever! Whenever Wave isn’t making someone cry, she can be seen working on the latest and greatest Extreme Gear!

Jet, Storm, and Wave are a great trio! :D 

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