Omochao Explains It All

Did you know that today is Father’s Day? Father’s Day is a day to celebrate fathers and father figures on a specific day which is today. There are many father figures in the Sonic universe! But what is a father?

A father is someone you can look up to. It’s a person, or an armadillo, that attempts to replace a main character in a popular franchise and fails. It’s someone who ruins their career and that of their best friend!

A father is someone who looks quite terrifying when they smile, but also has award-winning perfect teeth.

A father is destroy an entire race if you try to hurt his children. They also play dress up in front of their babies. Sometimes crossdressing can relieve stress.

Lastly, a father is a person who will always give you a boost of confidence and let’s you know that it is okay to go fast. He’s a brother, best friend, and even a picket fence. Someone who will always be there for you no matter what!

I hope you gained some new information today! And remember, to be shine, to be free, nothing to be afraid of..except pink aprons. 

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